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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fact Sheet


Please note that this document is intended for guidance only, the full terms and conditions of your policy will prevail. Each situation and claim will be considered on its merits. The information below is in respect of travel insurance under contract numbers beginning B0524CSP and ending 28519, 68519, 28520 and 68520.

In these unprecedented times, we know that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a concern for everyone as it affects all of us, from our lives at home, at work and our friends and families. As we head into uncharted waters Crispin Speers & Partners (CSP) would like to share some information which is intended to answer some of your questions.

CSP Corporate Offices

Along with most other insurance offices we have moved to a home working environment, but CSP, Lloyd’s and the London Markets are very much open for business. Our usual office numbers and email services are all operational and we will continue to provide you with the service and support that you would expect at all times.

Travel Insurance

The shutdown of travel globally is having a profound effect on us all and we send everyone best wishes for the coming weeks and maybe months ahead.

Numerous insurers are either withdrawing or amending the travel insurance policies, mostly to exclude the coverage as a consequence of Coronavirus. The market is evolving, but those policies in force are generally still valid. Please check the terms and conditions contained with your policy documentation.

Terms vary, but in the main insurers will direct you to your travel agent, tour operator, airline, or transportation provider to seek an amendment, credit voucher or refund. If this is not satisfactory then your credit card provider should reimburse you for any goods and services between £100 and £30,000 not delivered by the provider under the Consumer Credit Act. For debit cards lower limits apply, but amounts under £100 may also be covered.

We typically arrange our UK Travel Insurance on corporate and annually operative basis. Examples of these would be Corporate Business and Leisure along with Employee Benefits Flex Leisure policies. These annual contracts cover all valid trips taken during the operative period and these are neither refundable nor cancellable, whereas Single Trip policies may potentially be revised to cover amended trips, subject to no claims.

We operate numerous risks, programmes and facilities especially in the travel insurance arena, so it is impossible to provide over-riding advice. However we strive to help and assist at all times so the remainder of this document is intended to provide details of ways to get help.

You will understand that our current working arrangements may increase response times, so please wherever possible, go on line or contact us by email.