Will I be covered for a cancellation claim following the FCO advice against all but essential travel?

The insurance excludes claims arising from a pandemic or from the enactment and enforcement of a government policy. You should contact your travel agent or tour operator for a refund or alternative booking. You may also be eligible for a refund from your credit card provider.

If I contract Covid-19 or have to self-isolate, will the insurance consider my claim?

If you contracted the illness on an insured trip that commenced before the FCO advice to avoid travel from the UK or to the place where you contracted the illness, then you will be covered for medical and associated costs relating to that illness. Other than as above claims arising from Covid-19 or the government requirement to self-isolate are not covered.

If I book a holiday now, will I be covered if the trip needs to be cancelled?

There is no cover for claims arising due to Covid-19 on any future booking but other cancellation cover may apply.

What is the insurance position if I am on a trip and now have to reorganise my plans?

If you are already on a trip and your trip includes a stop in a place for which the FCO has advised against “all” or “all but essential” travel then you should make arrangements to avoid that area. You should contact your travel and accommodation providers for refunds or alternative arrangements but if there are irrecoverable additional costs of continuing the trip or returning home then these may be covered by the Catastrophe section of the insurance. You should contact the claims handler named on the policy.

If the trip has not yet started please read “will the insurance cover the cancellation or rearrangement costs of my trip that I haven’t started yet?

Will the insurance cover the cancellation or rearrangement costs on my trip that I haven’t yet started?

The World Health Organisation categorised this outbreak as a pandemic on 11 March 2020. Claims for cancellations made following this announcement that arise from inability or unwillingness to travel because of the virus being contracted by any person, quarantine requirements, self-isolation, concern about travel or where government advice is to not travel will NOT be met by this insurance. Customers should contact their travel providers or credit card providers to progress alternative arrangements, refunds etc.

Will the insurance pay for the costs of my leaving a country or region at the direction of the government

The cost of returning home in these circumstances is covered by an optional section in the insurance referred to as Disruption of Travel. If your policy includes this then expenses may be reclaimed. If the employer has elected not to include this cover then no claim can be met. Whether this is included and the amount of cover per person can be found on the Table of Benefits sent to you with your member email and on the full policy wording available through your employer.

Can I recover my money if my travel or accommodation provider ceases trading because of the virus

Crispin Speers & Partners offers an insurance that may meet the cost of financial failure known as End Supplier Financial Failure insurance. This is underwritten entirely separately from the travel insurance we arrange but has been taken up by a number of companies. If your company has taken advantage of this then the full insurance wording will be available to you through your employer usually through an intranet site. If you cannot locate this your employer should help you.  This cover may meet claims where businesses fail even if this is can be traced back to this pandemic. You may be required  to seek refunds through bonding arrangements and credit card providers for example but if they do not apply then this insurance may cover you. If you may have a claim under this insurance you should contact the claims handler whose details you will find in the documentation.